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Monday, April 17, 2006

Illegal Immigration

Biggest issue that our elected representatives are failing to handle currently is the illegal immigration problem. Nearly every politician I've heard discuss the situation says something incomprehensibly stupid. Some examples:
1. They do the jobs Americans won't do. BS. If an employer really needs the function performed they will offer as much as is necessary to hire someone to do the job. That's how capitalism works. Workers are a commodity subject to the ups and downs of supply and demand like any other natural resource. If the supply is unlimited the cost is low. If the supply is very limited (like now with the near record low unemployment) the cost goes up. Hiring criminals and evading the employment taxes, health care costs and other expenses of hiring people who are here legally is just an attempt to get an unfair competitive advantage.
2. They watch our children. No. They don't watch my children. If you are so rich and so busy you need to hire a criminal to watch over your children, then you need to re-prioritize your life.
3. There are too many here already to deport. How would we know? We haven't really tried. What other law do we allow people to break because too many people are breaking it?

Some politicians do understand that while the problem may have social and economic aspects it remains primarily a national security issue. Sen. George Allen (R-VA) is one who gets it. My own guess is some Democrats may get a few Hispanic votes for seeming sympathetic to the human rights issues involved. The real danger to Republicans is not the few votes Dems will pick up but rather the millions of votes Republicans will lose for failing to deal with this situation. Right Wing News looks today at a poll done at Free Republic which Republicans better pay attention to if they hope to remain a majority.


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