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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday stuff

More of the "culture of corruption." Another story of a bribed congressman. Oops, this crook is a Democrat. How'd this story get out?

Ted Kennedy got caught re-writing history on Meet the Press, not that Tim Russert would bother correcting Ted's lies.
"If we got out," asked Tim Russert on NBC's "Meet the Press" recently, "and there was a civil war, chaos, and you saw al Qaeda moving in -- in record numbers -- would you go back in?"

Russert's guest, Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., replied, "Well, first of all, I heard the same kinds of suggestions at the time of the end of the Vietnam War. The 'Great Bloodbath,' we're going to have over 100,000 people that were going to be murdered and killed at that time. And for those of us who were strongly opposed to the war, [we] heard those same kinds of arguments."

The normally persistent Russert never challenged Kennedy's incredible assertion. Yet the bloodbath some predicted would occur -- if we withdrew from Vietnam -- did happen.
Read the rest. Senator Kennedy, Guess what? After the politicians in Washington betrayed our soldiers and the people of South Vietnam well over 2 million people were slaughtered. What a thoroughly despicable man. Sadly, he will be reelected in November. His many sins are shared by the population of Massachusetts as they have known for decades what sort of person they are sending to Washington to represent them.

Something about this story bugs me. Vindication at last: Governor pardons 78 people convicted under state's WWI sedition statute It can reasonably be argued that various state laws regarding sedition violated the First amendment's protection of free speech. However, I'm leery of any of these various attempts to go back and re-write history.

Here is an article where the writer demonstrates that he just doesn't get it.
Republicans in Congress who last year threatened to block George Soros from buying the Washington Nationals because of his ties to Democrats may be in for a surprise. Theodore Lerner, who was selected by Major League Baseball to own the Nationals, also has ties to Democrats, though on a much smaller scale.
Republicans weren't opposed to Soros because he donated to Democrat candidates. No, some were appalled at the thought of Soros being involved in ownership of a baseball team because he's nuts and because he abused the ridiculous McCain-Feingold legislation to spend 20 million dollars in an attempt to oust the president.

Here is something we should all be able to agree about regardless of political persuasion. The election is over get rid of the signs if you lost the primary.

If you ever need to feel a little humility just try to change a bicycle chain. Should have just bought the boy a new bike and avoided the aggravation.


Blogger Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Let's not even get into what Kennedy's old man did for the Nazis!

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