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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Judicial activism gone overboard

In my opinion, this is sufficient reason to impeach a federal judge.
A federal judge has overturned the capital murder conviction of a Houston man who fatally shot a motorcycle officer, saying the state trial judge had a "deep-seated and vocal bias" against the defendant.
Hey, dummy. Of course the trial judge had a bias against the defendent - the guy had fatally shot a police officer.
"Mr. Buntion has never disputed the fact that he shot and killed officer Irby that day," said Dick Wheelan of Houston, who has represented Buntion for at least eight years of the appeal process. "Since the beginning he has maintained that he was acting in self defense," Wheelan said.

Sadly the judge in question, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt, was a Reagan appointee.
Hoyt said in his 61-page opinion that state District Judge Bill Harmon deprived Buntion of his constitutional right to a fair trial.
If it takes you 61 pages to defend your decision it tells me that you realize it is indefensible.


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