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Friday, May 12, 2006

NSA Data Mining

Yesterday there was all sorts of noise from various politicians complaining about a data mining program used to reduce the chance of a terror attack on our soil. I'd like to see a comparison of quotes from folks up in arms now to quotes they made during the 911 commission. How many were accusingly asking "why didn't you connect the dots?" and are now saying "how dare you look at the dots?"

I hope Dems turn General Hayden's hearings for the DCI position into a series of accusations that the administration is trying too hard to thwart future attacks. Lets see how that plays out in November. Ironic thing is if the Dems pretended to be on our side in the war, they could fool enough people with promises of government (ie: other peoples money) handouts to vote themselves back into power.

One senator understands what's going on. Senator Kyl of Arizona had this to say:
"This is nuts," Senator Kyl, a Republican of Arizona, said. "We're in a war and we got to collect intelligence on the enemy, and you can't tell the enemy in advance how you're going to do it, and discussing all of this stuff in public leads to that."


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, I just heard on the Hugh Hewitt show an interesting way to say this. Connect the dots just don't collect the dots, from Lileks rant

4:07 PM


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