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Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday's various links and comments

Since 9/11 has faded from memory, a tactic of the left has been to claim that the administration has been fear-mongering. Well, I wonder how the arrests in Miami yesterday play into that theory? Reality is al Qaeda is still committed to attacking America as this proves:
Seven people arrested in Miami planned attacks on the landmark Sears Tower in Chicago and other buildings as part of pledge to al Qaeda to wage war against the United States, U.S. prosecutors said on Friday.

An indictment handed down against the men by a grand jury in south Florida said they sought to gain support from Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda in order to destroy FBI buildings in the United States. At least one of them also plotted to blow up the 110-story Sears Tower in Chicago.

I'm not usually a fan of people using biblical quotes to make a point because it is easy to find a chapter or verse and twist its meaning. In his column today, Michael Reagan uses a portion of the book of Ecclesiastes to speak about the horrific treatment of the two U.S. soldiers who were kidnapped last week.
The Biblical book of Ecclesiastes tells us tells us there's a time for everything, including a "time to love and a time to hate ... a time for war and a time for peace." There is also a time for rage, and in this time of war that time is now.

A little good news for the Bush administration this morning: Norm Mineta Stepping Down As Transportation Secretary.

From Jay Nordlinger's weekly Impromptus column we get this nugget:
When I saw the headline, I was slightly alarmed: “Europeans Support Bush on Nuclear Stance.” And the first line of the article went, “President Bush won solid European support Wednesday for his handling of escalating nuclear crises with North Korea and Iran . . .” I had to wonder, “Where did he go wrong?” Listen, if European support were our goal, we would have voted for Kerry. Remember the “global test”? The good senator from Massachusetts could pass it every time. But the Bible-thumpin’ gunslinger from Texas?

Here is today's funniest headline: Saddam ends hunger strike after missing lunch

It could be easy to read the news and get depressed about mankind. Read about the late Waldemar Kaminski and you see there is hope for us humans after all.


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