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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday's news

The president took a little time out of his busy schedule to visit Iraq.

A couple news items on the legal front. Apparently, there will be no charges against Karl Rove in the silly Plame Affair. However, in an unrelated case Kennedy pleads guilty. That's a double whammy for the loony left.

Bilbray Sworn in to Replace Rep. Cunningham
. Dems were counting on picking up that seat as part of their "strategy" to regain control of Congress. In his first floor speech, Bilbray fire a shot across the bow of the amnesty crowd.
"We did not enjoy the situation or appreciate the problem that created the vacancy," Bilbray said. "But let me say quite clearly -- what is obvious in the last few months is the greatest scandal in America is not that one man broke the law, but that 12 million illegal immigrants are in this country and Washington isn't doing enough about it."

Here is another instance of the left not letting the facts get in the way of the point they want to make.
A union-prepared leaflet claims that a Republican candidate for governor used his influence to win a tax break benefiting his company that was "signed into law by President Bush in 1997."

One problem: Bush didn't become president until 2001. Democrat Bill Clinton was in charge in 1997.

Denise Cadreau, political director for the AFL-CIO, acknowledged Tuesday that the union made a mistake on its leaflet knocking Republican candidate Dick DeVos, who led Amway and its parent company, Alticor Inc., from 1993 to 2002. "The date is correct, based on Common Cause," she said Tuesday, referring to a lobbying organization. "It's just somehow a 'by President Bush' got tossed in there."
Yeah, I wonder how. Separately, why is the AFL-CIO (or any other union) interjecting themselves in political races.

Webb wins Senate primary race in Va. This will make for a very interesting race. Six years ago when Webb was still a Republican he endorsed George Allen's candidacy for the senate. Now, he is the Democrat nominee against Allen. Watch the Dem's pour money into this race. Allen is considered a strong potential candidate to run for president in 2008. If he loses this reelection bid his chances in 2008 go right to zero. Unlike other Republican candidates up for reelection this year Allen is not distancing himself from President Bush or the effort in Iraq. Webb has tied his decision to switch parties to the Iraq war. That make this race a bit of a referendum on the war.


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