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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday's news and links

A lot of political articles as we head towards the November elections.

Republican Chafee taking fire from right and left
. No kidding, he is too goofy for the right and not goofy enough for the left.

The 'Kweisi Problem'. Maryland Democrats are having a problem with black voters realizing they've been taken for granted.
But in his current incarnation, running in the Democratic primary for Maryland's open Senate seat, Mfume has declared war on his own party. The Democrats' sin, in his view, is to have turned their backs on his candidacy -- and on the aspirations of black Democrats. "The party has to practice what it preaches," he says. "We preach inclusion, but when the test comes, [Democrats should] at least fake it."

I don't know if this guy has a chance, but at least someone is challenging Rep. Kennedy in his reelection bid.
Saying Rhode Island doesn’t need "a congressman who needs a babysitter," Rumford Republican Edmund Leather announced he will challenge Rep. Patrick Kennedy for the 1st District seat in the House of Representatives.

Accusations Fly in Va. Democratic Primary. Nothing like your opponent having a nasty primary fight.
One Democrat calls his rival the "anti-Christ of outsourcing" U.S. jobs and argues that he's trying to buy a win in the Virginia primary.

The other fires back, labeling his opponent a sexist who is hostile to affirmative action and is, at heart, a Republican.

Accusations fly freely in the Democratic primary between decorated Vietnam veteran and Reagan-era Navy secretary Jim Webb and former Internet industry lobbyist Harris Miller. The winner Tuesday will face first-term Sen. George Allen, a potential 2008 presidential candidate.

For a laugh on a Saturday afternoon, we have this headline: Gingrich says he'll run for president if nomination's open.
I consider Gingrich a very intelligent person, but he has absolutely no chance of being elected president.

If the thought of Gingrich deluding himself into believing he has a chance at the presidency wasn't funny enough, how about this. Rep. John "Cut and Run" Murtha wants to be the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives if people are dumb enough to elect more Dem's than Rep's in November. Like many conservatives, I get frustrated by the failings of some Republicans in the House and especially the Senate. However, when I consider who will be in the House leadership if Dem's get a majority I realize how important it is to ensure they don't. Imagine Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, John Murtha, Henry Waxman, Pete Stark and others of their ilk in charge and pretty soon Denny Hastert seems awfully competent.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Well said the right simply does not have the wack-jobs the left does. What's really scary is that these loons may actually believe what they are saying.

Oh' and here's a few more for your list McKinney, Leahy, Kerry, Kennedy, Kucinich and on and on.

It really shows the publics disinterest or how else could these people keep getting elected.

3:54 AM


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