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Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday's various links and comments

Here is another example of a politician wasting other people's money.
Less than a year after Sen. Hillary Clinton was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, the New York Democrat announced that she slipped $800,000 for the institution into a Senate spending bill.
While this article rips Sen. Clinton (C-NY) for wasting taxpayer money, you can probably find examples for nearly every senator. It might be more cumbersome, but what they need to do is vote on every expenditure separately. Then we would see who is for or against government waste. In the future, every time Clinton makes a BS comment complaining about tax cuts she should be asked to defend this wasteful spending. No better than a thief in the night.

Rich Lowry uses his column today to encourage Newt Gingrich to run in 2008.

Meanwhile, someone is looking presidential. Under media glare, Romney shines. This is why governors and not senators become presidents. Governors lead while senators argue.


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