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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links

This headline from the San Francisco Chronicle is more proof that a computer spell check function shouldn't completely replace editors.
Diary cows dying; many ripening crops at risk Farmers fight to protect animals and crops from the heat
Teenage girls have diaries. These are dairy cows.

A few days ago I lamented President Bush's decision to speak to a racist hate group (NAACP). Today, Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe takes a closer look at how the two major political parties are perceived on race matters in an article titled "Demonizing the GOP at NAACP."

Clarett fires attorneys 2 weeks before court date. His lawyers must have committed the unpardonable sin of giving him good advice.

Why is it difficult to take seriously the assertion that Israel should only go after Hezbollah and leave Lebanon alone? How about this statement from the Lebanese president: "I support the Hezbollah because they liberated our land." If a nation allows a militia within their borders to attack another nation they forfeit the right to say "it wasn't me it was the other guy." That is terrorism boiled down to its most basic form. A terror group can attack without worrying about a counter-attack by pretending not to belong to any nation. Lebanon lost that shield by openly accepting Hezbollah into their government. Separately, is it too much to ask for one standard spelling for this group?

A Morning With Ken Blackwell is a transcript of an indepth interview of Ken Blackwell candidate for governor of Ohio. Read the whole thing, but here is a telling comment:
On Ted Strickland:

Blackwell pointed out that Strickland's Congressional voting record, "almost mirrors that of Nancy Pelosi, so this will be a campaign about Ohio values vs. San Francisco values." Someone pointed out that Strickland actually scores lower on the Club for Growth's scorecard this year than Pelosi, at which information Blackwell grinned-- wide.

"He hasn't seen a tax that he couldn't support...This guy is a government expansionist. The two principal drivers of his campaign cash are class-action litigators and public sector unions....I think...Ohioans will pick what they clearly see as a reform candidate."
Blackwell needs to focus his campaign on Strickland's voting record. Outside of Cuyahoga county Ohioans will reject San Francisco "values." Strickland can say he is a different kind of Democrat, but his voting record refutes his claims of being mainstream.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, This is why the democrats have problems. In order to vote the party line they keep lining up further and further to the left.

6:54 PM

Blogger Ben said...

Blackwell and his team need to start doing some heavy ad buys to start getting Ted's record out there. It really is far left.

10:11 PM


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