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Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday's news and links

Robert Novak says don't believe the "crocodile tears" Republicans are crying over Joe Lieberman's defeat. I agree. Other than want our side to win the war, Lieberman is a nearly 100% reliably liberal vote. Additionally, Lieberman's loss makes it easier to correctly portray the modern Democrat party as the party of appeasement.

Speaking of appeasement, Michael Barone says it isn't fair to compare modern Democrats to Neville Chamberlain. He's right, it would be an unfair character assassination to Chamberlain.
At least Neville Chamberlain was made of sterner stuff. His Tuesday was the Munich agreement in September 1938, when he and the French persuaded Czechoslovakia to give up its borderlands to Hitler. He was cheered by vast crowds eager to avoid the horrors of war. His Thursday came in March 1939, when Nazi troops marched into Prague.

Chamberlain proceeded to build up Britain's military forces and to embark on a vigorous diplomacy to cabin Hitler in. He realized instantly that he had been, as Winston Churchill was to say in his funeral oration in the House of Commons, "deceived by a wicked man." He prepared to call Churchill, his bitter critic on Munich, into government. Chamberlain's diplomacy ultimately failed: Hitler wanted war too much. But Chamberlain stayed true to his countrymen, yielding his place to Churchill and strenuously supporting him when Britain was in peril.

Can we expect as much of our Left? It seems doubtful.

I don't like this headline: Cleveland Browns owner takes over Aston Villa for $118.8 million. Figure out how to win with your American style football team before you buy a European football team.

Apparently, there is some kind of cease-fire going into effect in the Middle East. Unless this results in Lebanon completely dismantling Hezbollah (which I doubt they have the will to do) than this is nothing but a pause to allow the terrorist to regroup and rearm and Israel will have accomplished nothing of lasting significance.

A poorly kept secret is out. IKEA coming to West Chester.
Trendy Swiss furniture retailer Ikea is building their Ohio store in this Butler County suburb. Ikea will build a 300,000 or 350,000 square-foot store on a large vacant parcel adjacent to southbound Interstate 75 off Muhlhauser and Allen roads, Township Trustee George Lang said today.
Wow, is this area growing.

We normally attend St John the Evangelist Catholic Church. However, if we oversleep we go to the next closest parish, St. Max. Today being the feast day of St. Max, Captain's Quarters recounts the heroism of Father Maximilian Kolbe at Auschwitz. I hadn't realized what a great man that church was named to honor.


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