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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Connecticut primary today

Democrats in Connecticut go to the polls today to choose between the incumbent U.S. Senator and some rich liberal. Many conservatives have been pulling for the incumbent, Joe Lieberman, in this race mainly because he has been reliably on the United States side in the War on Terror. Personally, I don't much care which candidate wins the election. Connecticut isn't going to elect a conservative so whichever candidate wins will be at odds with me on nearly every domestic issue. This election will be miscast as a referendum on the Bush administration's foreign policy and the war in Iraq, but it is nothing of the sort. Connecticut is so reliably liberal that John Kerry won 54% of the vote there in 2004. Heck, Connecticut is so liberal that they only need to use living voters in that state. In fact it could be argued that a Lamont victory will actually help Republicans by further cementing the reputation of Democrats as weak on defense.

Here is a somewhat related column. Turns out Lanny Davis never realized that liberals could be mean and nasty before. He thought is was just conservatives until he saw the reaction to his support of Lieberman. He has no idea how deaf and blind he must have been to have failed to see these traits from his own side previously.


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