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Friday, September 15, 2006

An idea that makes too much sense

For decades the New York Yankees have based their highest level (AAA) minor league baseball team in Columbus, Ohio. For the past decade the Cleveland Indians have played AAA ball with the Buffalo Bisons. Today the Yankees announced that they might not renew their contract to play AAA ball in Columbus. The Indians should move quickly to affiliate with Columbus. They have long fought the Cincinnati Reds for fans allegiance from central Ohio and having a quality minor league team in the region could have a strong influence on the next generation of fans. Give Buffalo to the Yankees and sign a deal with Columbus.


Blogger Ben said...

The Yankees want to move to Scranton, which is being vacated by the Phillies after this year. The Phillies are going to Ottawa next year, while they wait one year for the new Allentown PA stadium to be built. Scranton is much closer to NYC than Buffalo, so I doubt the Yankees would go to Buffalo even if the Indians head to Columbus.

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