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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday's links and comments

Gary Bauer (former presidential candidate) has a column today titled "Wooing 'values voters." It's an interesting read. I don't personally believe either major political party has a monopoly on the value voter. Having said that, I do think the Republican party has done a better job in the past few elections in appealing to those voters by stressing their support for issues with which they would be concerned.

The New York Sun has a Primary Postmortem looking at Tuesday's primary. In addition to a good explanation of gubernatorial candidate Elliot Spitzer's changing strategy for Novembers general election, they take a brutal jab at the New York Times in the piece.
Not even New York City Democrats listen to what New York Times editorials tell them to do. The Times endorsed three candidates in closely contested races: David Yassky in a Brooklyn congressional race; Ken Diamondstone in a race to represent a Brooklyn district in the state Senate; and Mark Green in the race for attorney general. All three candidates — Yassky, Diamondstone, and Green — lost. The New York Observer ran a 2,000-word article last year claiming that "It's a given among the city's political classes that an endorsement from The Times in a race for City Council, the State Legislature or a judgeship is tantamount to election in affluent, Times-reading neighborhoods." Not anymore.
The folks running the Times have shown they are comfortable not turning a profit, but not being influencial will be much harder to accept.

Daniel Ellsberg is a perfect example of why the death penalty is appropriate for treason. He was not dealt with properly 30 plus years ago and now he is still around encouraging others to betray their country.

Here is Ann Coulter's latest column
. Read the whole thing, but the money line is in the last paragraph.

Dedication to duty is not a forgotten trait. Here is an article about a Canadian soldier who staying on the job in Afghanistan even though he won a nice lottery jackpot.

Here is a sad case of misplaced responsibility. Cop gets shot by bad guy. Does police union blame the killer? Nope, they blame a reduction in paying overtime. (h/t Tom K.)


Anonymous Porkopolis said...


I don't think Mr. Bauer was ever a Senator. He was Under Secretary of Education during the Reagan Administration.

2:30 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

2:31 PM

Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Of course your right Dems have values. Their problem is that their values are so negative it's hard to win voter's hearts. After all could you get on board with I'm really for baby killing,(choice) or anything that seems to show lack of love for America ( flag burning, no under God, vehement protests against our military). These may not be as bad as they sound but they sure are hard to sell.

1:42 AM


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