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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links

I don't like the sound of this. It was already enough of a pain to help kids with science projects with just 9 planets.
The solar system has 12 planets. That is the conclusion of an international panel formed to devise a scientific definition of a planet and settle an increasingly intense dispute over whether Pluto qualifies. The panel suggests retaining Pluto and immediately adding three new planets : Ceres, currently considered a large asteroid; Charon, now considered a moon of Pluto; and Xena, a recently discovered object that is larger than Pluto. But the group's proposal also makes clear that many more objects in the solar system -- perhaps dozens of them -- could qualify as planets after further study.

Jeff Jacoby examines Mike Wallace's sycophantic interview of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The opening line puts it in historical perspective.
NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN flew to Munich to see Adolf Hitler, Walter Winchell observed in 1938, ``because you can't lick a man's boots over the phone." Why did Mike Wallace fly to Tehran?

Everytime we get a reminder about the terror threat we are facing from radical Islam we can predictably count on an article touching on a particular theme:
Muslims fear terror backlash
I don't advocate attacking people based on their religion, but they have to ask themselves why they feel they have reason to be afraid. Could it be that their religion has many adherents willing to kill themselves as long as they kill innocent people at the same time? Could it be that their religious leaders frequently foment hatred of people with other beliefs? Could it be that donations made to their local mosques are funneled back to terrorists?

Oh, by the way folks, today was the day that radical Islamists had planned to kill thousands of people by blowing up airplanes.

Politicians have a bad habit of making promises they have no capability of keeping. Here is the latest and most outrageous courtesy of the Maryland senate race.
Cardin promises cancer cure by 2015
I could almost buy a promise to increase government spending on research, but to promise a cure?

N.J. Attorney General Quits Amid Scandal. This headline is one that gets recycled in New Jersey every so often. They just change the particulars. Every state has some corruption, but it just seems so much more pervasive in New Jersey.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, The more you read about Islam an it's adherents the scarier it gets. There's a new book out called the Perfect Soldiers by Terry Macdermott. I heard the author talking on the radio. He described the 9-11 hijackers not as extremists but as average everyday muslims. Everyone seams to want explain terrorism as a fringe activity of a minority. Though it sure doesn't seam to have many detracters in the muslim world.

3:56 PM

Blogger Ben said...

lets keep it simple for the kids. 9 planets is enough. They go from Mercury to Pluto and thats it. I am not sure I could remember them all now after learning them early on in school.

11:22 AM


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