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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are most Democrat politicians unpatriotic?

During a recent interview, President Bush was pressed by George Stephanopoulos to admit he is calling Democrats unpatriotic. The president didn't take the bait but instead asserted that he is questioning their judgment not their patriotism. Here is the relevant part of the transcript:
STEPHANOPOULOS: You've used some pretty tough rhetoric, though. You said this election's a choice between Republicans and Democrats who want to wave the white flag of surrender in the war on terror.

Can you name a Democrat who wants to wave the white flag of surrender?

BUSH: I can name a Democrat who said there ought to be a date certain from which to withdraw from Iraq, whether or not we've achieved a victory or not. And I…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Is that surrender?

BUSH: Yes, it is, if you pull the troops out before the job is done. Absolutely, George.

And if we were to — and if we were to leave before the job is done, in my judgment, the, you know, al Qaeda would find a safe haven from which to attack.

This is exactly what they said.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you don't think that's questioning their patriotism when you say that?

BUSH: No. I know it's not questioning their patriotism. I think it's questioning their judgment.
I understand and appreciate the fact that President Bush feels it would be unpresidential to openly call political opponents unpatriotic. I'll do it for him. It is the essence of unpatriotic activity to take action which aids an enemy during a time of war in order to gain political advantage. I won't attempt to list everything unpatriotic Democrats have done over the last several years. Too long a list. I will address the two biggest political acts which were clearly done out of a decision to put political gain above our nations security.

1. The endlessly repeated lie that "Bush lied to get us into war with Iraq." Every politician who uttered that line knew it was demonstratably false. All they had to do was consider their own comments from the lead up to war and remember the intelligence reports available to them before they voted to authorize military action. Beyond that, only an imbecile wouldn't understand that repeatedly and falsely accusing our president of lying to justify military action would hurt our nation's prestige.

2. The continuous exploitation of war casualties for political gain. How many times have you heard in the last week that this month was the deadliest month in Iraq in two years? Hmmmm, what was going on at this time two years ago? Oh yeah, it was the month before the last U.S. elections. It is clear to me that al Qaeda realizes how the Democrats and their media accomplices will exploit each casualty. The Democrats have sent the message consistently that their main goal is to exit Iraq regardless of the inevitable consequences. When al Qaeda gets the message that one political party will leave them alone and also gets the message that killing U.S. servicemen will help that party gain power what do you expect them to do? Snipers are not shooting our soldiers to gain a strategic edge. No, our military is being killed because al Qaeda believes our national will to win will be eroded and we will just abandon Iraq. To do so would be to declare that every life lost over there was in vain. Nothing could be more unpatriotic than to send our military into harms way and then when the going gets tough and we suffer casualties turn around and say "Oh, never mind."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the essence of unpatriotic activity to take action which aids an enemy during a time of war in order to gain political advantage.

Sure, maybe that is it. But I think it is more unpatriotic to continue to employ people who in the face of overwhelming news to the contrary paint a rosy picture of what is going on in Iraq and then refuse to allow our soldiers to do their job--who refuse to allow our troops to patrol and use snipers at night--so that when they roll out of the green zone the next morning they get blown up by the ieds planted there the night before.

It is most certainly unpatriotic to put our soldiers in that kind of position where they are getting blown up because we don't let them prevent getting blown up.

There would be nothing to criticize if the President and his team had prosecuted this war right. They didn't and it is down righ unpatriotic to let them continue to screw our soldiers without saying so and trying to get them to change it.

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