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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday's links and comments

Sometimes reporters miss what is really newsworthy. Take this headline:
Has the mayor's new girlfriend, who is only 20, been drinking?
The article focuses on the age difference between the mayor and his girlfriend and the question of whether the mayor's girlfriend is drinking underage. Someone could serve in our military at age 17 and be sent to a foreign country to defend our country and possibly be shot at and we don't think people can handle an alcoholic drink until they are 21? But the real story here is where the story originated. They are talking about San Francisco's mayor Gavin Newsom. If we are talking about a politician in San Francisco in a heterosexual relationship that is newsworthy. As if that isn't enough to get the mayor in trouble the article had an even more disturbing item near the end - his lady friend is registered to vote as a Republican.

Before entering the voters booth in November every Ohioan should see this video. (H/T BizzyBlogger posting on SOB Alliance)

Kerry Says He Deserves 2nd Chance in '08. He's right and I hope the Democrats listen to him and trot him out there again.

Lastly, let us remember to keep the people of Hawaii in our thoughts and prayers tonight as they deal with the after affects of a major earthquake.


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EXACT link is HERE.

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