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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links - 20 Days Until Mid-term Elections

All election coverage all the time (unless something else comes up I want to post about).
The last couple days there have been several articles sounding absolutely incredulous over President Bush or other Republicans still being positive about the upcoming elections. It is almost as if the "objective" journalists are angry that we aren't conceding defeat three weeks before the election.

From the Washington Times we get this article: Rove foresees GOP victory.

Television networks don't let politicians run those irritating ads for free which is why money on hand is such an important element of a campaign during the final days of a race. The reason I bring this up is this article that says DNC Chairman Howard Dean is having to take out a loan for ten million dollars to continue funding various races.

Elections have consequences. That last sentence was a mantra oft repeated by conservatives when defending the presidents prerogative to name conservative federal judges. Well, this election will also have consequences. Here is one of them.
“When I become chairman of the Ways and Means Committee,” he said Thursday night in front of the Hudson River School paintings at the New-York Historical Society, “we will have power over the entire tax system, Social Security system, pension system, Medicare and all international trade.”
Our economy has roared back from the post dot-com recession despite a major terrorist attack on our soil, an extended war time period, and a natural disaster which nearly wiped out an entire region. What stimulated the economic growth we've experienced? The tax cuts (specifically the dividend tax cuts which encouraged economic development) left more money in the hands of the consumer, fueling a consumer driven recovery. Charlie Rangell running the Ways and Means Committee means an end to tax cuts and a return to tax increases which will inevitably lead to a recession.

If the Democrats were as confident as they claim they wouldn't be resorting to crap like this:
Idaho Sen. Larry Craig Denies Allegations of Same-Sex Affairs

Sen. Rick Santorum guest blogged at Captain's Quarters today. Rather than diluting his message by selectively cutting and pasting a portion I'll just encourage you to read his post. I'm a big supporter of Santorum mainly because he is unapologetic about being a conservative. He doesn't run away from his convictions or hide his beliefs.


Blogger Ben said...

Bill, you are dead on about Sen. Santorum. Unlike most incumbents who just go along with the staus quo and raise money, Santorum will say what he believes. That is very admirable, espcially in this environment. PA and the country will lose a great Senator if Rick cant come back and pull this thing out. There is still time.

10:20 PM


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