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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday's links and comments

As someone who occasionally posts inflammatory comments about politicians and other fools I don't like the sound of this:
A South Florida jury has awarded a record $11.3 million in damages to a woman who was defamed by another woman on the Internet. Sue Scheff of Weston, Fla., sued Carey Bock of Mandeville, La., in December 2003 over the messages posted calling her a 'crook,' a 'con artist' and a 'fraud,' USA Today reported Wednesday.
Uh-oh, I'm sure I've used all of those pejoratives. Heck, I've probably used those exact words in describing Jesse Jackson.

To quote Matt of WMD, this must be Bush's fault.
Dow Up 96 to Close at Record 11,948
Actually, I'd blame the Bush tax cuts for the resurgent economy. Do the shorts scramble to cover tomorrow?

This is kind of funny.
Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd said he may be the person the American public is looking for to run for president, but he will let the people decide whether he should. Dodd, 62, is gauging whether to make a run for president in 2008 and is on his second trip to New Hampshire in two months
I'd love to see a reporter ask Dodd about him and his buddy Ted Kennedy making waitress sandwiches.

Victor Davis Hanson examines some of the recent books about the war in Iraq and finds them lacking in credibility.

When people argue about dynasties in American politics most discuss the Bush's or the Kennedy's or historically the Roosevelt's or Adams'. In Tennessee the Ford's are the local political dynasty. With his brother running for a U.S. Senate seat, Jake Ford is running for Harold Ford's congressional seat and having to explain his assault of a crooked politician over a decade ago. Sadly the corrupt politician he assaulted was his father. Then again, if he fought any family member he was likely to be fighting a corrupt politician.

Speaking of corrupt politicians, Harry Reid is having some difficulty explaining how he made over a million dollars recently on land he supposedly sold three years ago.

I haven't blogged about football much this season, but I just noticed the Browns have as many victories as the defending Super Bowl champs.

Lastly, congratulations to Tom at BizzyBlog. Tom has tracked some issues that voters need to know about Ted Strickland before they enter the voting booth in November. Today, he was interviewed on the Bill Cunningham show on WLW 700 AM and presented the issues which are currently being ignored by the mainstream press.


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