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Friday, October 27, 2006

Why do some people wait to care about their kids until it is too late?

Earlier this week, in Cincinnati we had a situation where around 6 AM on a cold morning a man started his car to let it warm up. He went back in his house for a minute and then saw some crook was stealing his car. In a moment of anger or frustration at being robbed he got his gun and fired a couple shots at the car. One of the shots went through the side of the car and killed the criminal. Turns out this particular crook was very young for his chosen "profession." Quavale Finnell with 13 prior brushes with law enforcement under his belt was only 14 years old. Yesterday would have been his 15th birthday.

This morning's newspaper has an article quoting family members including his grandmother urging the local prosecutor to bring charges against the victim whose car was being stolen. To me it seems this family is pointing their finger in the wrong direction. This kid would be alive if his family had taught him to respect other people's property.

Footnote: I'm sure some will raise the issue of gun control, but part of the reason this kid is dead is because we have become so civilized the crook wrongly assumed there was no physical risk in stealing the car. If more people would carry guns and if potential crooks were aware that they had a greater chance of meeting a citizen capable of defending themselves we would have less crime.


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