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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A new kind of vote fraud

Thomas Sowell has a great column today. Read the whole thing, but here is the last sentence which basically sums up the Dem strategy in this election.
Getting people to vote for moderates, in order to put extremists in power, may be the newest and biggest voter fraud.
People in the heartland of the country may think they are voting for a Democrat who isn't that far removed from their own values. However, they are actually voting for Speaker Pelosi, Judiciary Chairman Conyers, Intelligence Chairman Hastings, Ways and Means Chairman Rangel. Because of house seniority rules a vote for a relatively moderate Dem is really a vote extremists to have the real power.


Blogger Kim and Chris said...

Thomas Sowell is terrific, and as usual, he is so right about this. I sometimes wonder how people can be so gullible.

9:18 AM

Blogger Pauli said...

They're gullible because their motivated by emotions and not by the consequences of their actions. Or non-actions.

Thanks for the link to Sowell's piece; it's brilliant as usual.

10:15 PM


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