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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sports Shorts

A couple days ago I mentioned that Mike Tomlin would be the youngest head coach in the NFL if hired by the Steelers. Well, his hiring was announced on Monday and he got to be the youngest coach for one day. On Tuesday, the Oakland Raiders announced they were hiring 31 year old Lane Kiffin as the next guy to fail as Raiders coach. If his name is familiar it is probably because his dad (Monte Kiffin) is the longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneer's offensive coordinator. Asked if he might ever consider working for his son, Monte Kiffin said, "I don't know if that'll ever happen. But if I'm working for him, I'll remind him I'm still your dad."

The NFL coaching ranks will likely continue to get younger as Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has decided to retire.

If you want a laugh, read the last paragraph of this article.
COMEBACK KING? Jim Leyritz is considering a comeback this season. Leyritz, 43, hasn't played since 2000, when he appeared in 65 games for the Yankees and Dodgers.
He was barely average at best when he last played. What makes him think that his skills would be better in his mid 40's than in his 30's?

It is way too early for baseball predictions, but things are looking better for the Indians. No, the Indians haven't just made a blockbuster trade. Rather their divisional competition have been taking steps backwards. First, the cash strapped Minnesota Twins signed Ramon Ortiz for 3.1 million dollars for the upcoming season. And despite his having an ERA over 5 in three of the last four seasons, they plan on having him pitch. The Twins did have a need for starting pitching due to Liriano's injury and Radke's retirement. However, if Ortiz is the best you can do then you're better off bringing up pitchers from the minors. Then on the heals of the Ortiz signing, we get word that the Chicago White Sox have signed Darin Erstad. Erstad had a good year in 2000 but hasn't exceeded 10 home runs in a season since.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Indians 'pen holds up, there is no reason that they cant compete for the Central and maybe alot more in 2007

10:49 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

My initial impression is the same. However, I want to see some Spring training games played before I start on my predictions.

You're right that the key is the bullpen. Also, looking to see whether C.C. and Peralta show up in better shape.

1:00 PM


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