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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Could this be the knock out punch to McCain's campaign

Mitt Romney Appoints Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Presidential Campaign. If McCain can not get the most popular Republican in his home state to back him he's in trouble. Let there be no doubt that McCain pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens contributed to Arpaio backing Romney.


Blogger Ben said...

McCain seems to be in a freefall right now. The only good news is that it is Feb 2007, not Feb 2008. In Feb 2003, Howard Dean was well on his way to the nomination for the Dems. Things can change, although I am not saying they will.

11:26 AM

Anonymous george Herbert Walker Bush said...

hello bilbo- I agree amnesty for those illegals is a travesty and those that back it are fools, we need border security. Why won't any candidTE COME OUT AND BE TOUGH ON IMMIGRATION. Can you nam me one who is?

5:30 PM

Blogger Dhimanendu Sarkar said...

This guy gets knocked out cold by a Drunk Attacker! Check this out..Subscribe Now

2:25 PM


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