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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sports Shorts

With baseball starting Spring training, FOX Sports has posted their first MLB power ranking list. It is a little silly to rank the teams before a single pitch has been thrown, but since they ranked the Indians number two, I'll cut them some slack. For those who follow the other baseball team in Ohio, the Reds are listed 26th.

Rob Neyer of selected the Indians' center fielder Grady Sizemore as the best overall player in the majors. Sizemore had a great breakout season last year, but I think it is a little premature.

Terry Pluto of the Akron Beacon Journal thinks the Browns should give the recently fired Marty Schottenheimer a call.

In 1999 Josh Hamilton was in perfect position to set himself up for life with a lucrative baseball career. He was the number one pick in the annual amateur player draft. Between a car crash and a losing battle with addictions to cocaine and alcohol, Hamilton fell of the baseball landscape. The Cincinnati Reds took a flyer on Hamilton in the Rule 5 draft this past December. This morning the Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Daugherty had an article detailing Hamilton's situation. Whether he has any baseball talent left or not, I wish him luck in dealing with his demons.

The best indication that baseball Spring training is starting? Reports of stupid injuries. Actually, visa difficulties making foreign players late to training camp is first, and stupid injuries are second. When it comes to injuries, Kerry Wood of the Cubs always comes to mind.
Oft-injured Kerry Wood is out again -- this time because of a flub in a hot tub. The Chicago Cubs pitcher is not expected to throw off the mound for a few days after he slipped this week getting out of a hot tub at home. Wood landed on his stomach and chest.



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