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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A better man than I

I pray I'm never in a position to find out, but I doubt I could be as forgiving as this man.
As Christopher Williams was being extricated from his overturned car onto a backboard to be taken to the hospital, he looked over at his vehicle and the car that had just crashed into him, killing his pregnant wife and two of his children.
Christopher Williams speaks to the media Monday about the death of his pregnant wife and two children. He said he learned the power of forgiveness from his wife. "This is what she would want to do," he said of forgiving the teen driver. It was at that moment Williams said he had a decision to make. That decision, he said, was to "unconditionally forgive" the person who had just caused the accident. By forgiving, Williams said the healing process could continue without being "hampered by another step."


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