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Thursday, February 08, 2007

One way to choose your beer

You can choose your beer many ways, taste, calories, price, whatever. However, after reading this, I think the next beer I buy will be a Labatts Blue.
Yesterday, Mr. Labatt -- the great-grandson of John Labatt, founder of the Labatt brewery -- and his wife Sonia gave Sick Kids $30-million, $25-million of which is to establish the Labatt Family Heart Centre, and $5-million for the Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre.

It is the largest gift the Labatts have made. They donated $10-million in 1997 to establish the brain-tumour centre.
Besides the fact that the owner of the company gave a lot of money to a charity to help sick children the beer is pretty good as well. Give it a try.



Anonymous george Herbert Walker Bush said...

I agree that is worth toasting a Labatts

6:58 PM

Blogger Ben said...

Labatt has always been my beer of choice. I am glad to hear the owners did this, I feel like some of that donation is my money.

12:32 PM


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