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Thursday, February 01, 2007

2004 election was stolen

2004 election was stolen. No, not the presidential election. That hasn't been successfully done since 1960 (not for lack of trying by Dems). Rather I'm referring to the mayoral race in Wise, Virginia.
The former mayor of the tiny coal town of Appalachia was sentenced Wednesday to two years in jail for masterminding a vote-rigging scheme that helped him steal the 2004 election.

Prosecutors said Ben Cooper bought votes with beer, cigarettes and even pork rinds and directed 13 others in a conspiracy that also included stealing absentee ballots from the mail.
Now, the article does not say whether he is a Democrat or a Republican. However, since it is a negative story without party affiliation he is likely a Democrat. After Googling this character it turns out he is indeed a Democrat, not that there was much doubt.


Blogger Matt Hurley said...

The election was non-partisan, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that your suspicions are correct...

3:37 PM


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