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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A moment of bi-partisanship

I acknowledge that I spend more time criticizing Democrats than Republicans. Usually that can't be helped as they provide more ammunition. However, here is an instance of a "Republican" begging for criticism. I put Republican in scare quotes because this guy came to my attention by acting like a Democrat by proposing stupid nanny-state legislation.
Parents beware: Miss a meeting with your child's teacher and it could cost you a $500 fine and a criminal record.

A Republican state lawmaker from Baytown has filed a bill that would charge parents of public school students with a misdemeanor and fine them for playing hooky from a scheduled parent-teacher conference.
I think parents should be involved in their kids education. However, I more strongly believe this is a free society and if parents don't want to go to a parent/teacher conference that's their business.

Wait, this gets worse. A legislator is not really a legislator unless he is finding a way to spend, spend, spend.
Under Smith's bill, schools would send parents a notice for a meeting with three proposed dates by certified mail. Parents who don't respond or who schedule a meeting and don't show up without notice could be punished.
Currently, I get a note from my kids' teachers quarterly to schedule a teachers conference that my kid carries home from school for free. This idiot wants to spend postage on mailing the notice home by certified mail. According to the USPS website it costs $2.79 to send a local letter by certified mail. This story sums up what is wrong with our government at all levels. They don't care about costs since it is someone else's money.

That community should hold a recall election to remove him from office. He is not a responsible steward of public funds (ie: confiscated money).


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