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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dick Cheney for president?

Here is an opinion piece discussing the idea of Vice President Dick Cheney running in the 2008 election. I like Cheney and think he would be a better president than the great majority of those currently running. However, this is a case where my opinion of the potential candidate really doesn't matter. This VP has been demonized to such an extent that I don't see him having any chance of being elected. Just one example of how Cheney has been treated is the fact that the only picture anyone has seen accompany any article involving Cheney is this one with him looking like he is snarling.

Beyond the fact that I don't think he would have much chance of winning there are a couple other reasons this is useless speculation. First, Cheney has stated very emphatically that he is not running. Secondly, he has had a series of medical problems and he would be better off stepping down from the public stage and just enjoy being a husband, a father and a grandfather.

Separately, the floating of this idea (much like people pushing Fred Thompson to run) is an indication of conservative dissatisfaction with the current choices.

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Anonymous george herbert walker bush said...

Bill what the hell are you smoking, seriously you have to be taking some peyote or something to even suggest such a ridiculous thing. To think you mocked my mentioning of Hagel and now you want Dickhead-believe me, he worked for me he is not executive material to say the least. His antics have crippled the party for years to come, I am beginning to think you are a democratic operative just stirring the waves of discontent and fervor in my beloved Grand Ole' Party. I want you to think long and hard before you EVER EVER make such foolish statements again!!!!!!

7:03 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...


I understand that reading comprehension is not your strong suit, but read the post. I was not proposing the idea of Cheney running. Rather I was laughing at the idea floated in the linked article.

7:29 PM

Anonymous george herbert walker bush said...

tiinybill said "I like Cheney and think he would be a better president than the great majority of those currently running."

that was what I was responding to, Bill, seriously, just do what I tell you and we can win, but when you go off on your own like this, well its doesn't bode well for anyone. If you need to talk about rehab for the hallucinogens you are taking I will help, I am a compassionate conservative


3:36 PM

Blogger Ben said...

i think he would make a good president, but obviously he is not going to run

10:05 PM

Anonymous george herbert walker bush said...

benjamin -my offer extends to you as well

potus 41

3:04 PM


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