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Thursday, June 28, 2007

George Voinovich Embarrasses Ohio Again

Yesterday, George Voinovich called in to the Sean Hannity afternoon radio show and embarrassed all Ohioans but particularly those of us who voted for him. This isn't a matter of a disagreement over a policy issue, though I do disagree with his position. No, I'm embarrassed that he is our senator for two reasons that are very distinct from disagreeing over policy or legislation. The first reason is he was absolutely ignorant about a couple of issues currently being debated - The Fairness Doctrine and The Kennedy-McCain Immigration Bill. Whether he realizes it or not, he is our employee and his job is to understand the issues. More bothersome than than his ignorance was his transparent arrogance. He basically stated "how dare my constituents bother my office with their opinions."

Frontpage Magazine has an article this morning titled Senator Embarrassment. You get one guess which senator is the subject of the article. The article has a link to the audio from the interview.

Tom at BizzyBlog has a complete round up of links to blog commentary regarding the performance of the senior senator from Ohio.


The Kennedy/McCain Amnesty Bill failed to garner enough votes to go forward. Sen. Voinovich voted against the measure. However, voting correctly on the legislation does nothing to rehabilitate the damage he did to his reputation yesterday. Add his display of ignorance yesterday to his ridiculous behavior during the John Bolton confirmation hearings and you have someone no longer fit to hold high office. To further cement his reputation as a fool, Voinovich decided to join Sen Lugar in calling for surrender in Iraq. Investors Business Daily rightly mocks Voinovich's comments as follows:
On Tuesday, another Republican with no stomach for the global war on terror, Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio, echoed Lugar's call for withdrawal. "If everyone knows we're leaving, it will put the fear of God in them," according to Voinovich. Funny we never tried that strategy against the Nazis.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just listened to the 13 minutes of torture. And I voted for this guy. Twice. Yikes.

10:10 AM

Blogger Ben said...

Bill, I think you are correct by saying that Voinovich's vote can not come anywhere near undoing the damage he did in that interview.

9:18 AM

Anonymous bob said...

Bill, It could be worse we could elect another clown like Serrod Brown who sounds intelligent but votes wrong all the time

1:34 AM


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