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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Confirmation hearings postponed

The senate hearings scheduled to examine Dr. Rice's competence to serve as Secretary of State seems to have been postponed. Apparently, Senators Biden and Boxer have decided it is more important to hold their competition for worst U.S. Senator. Obviously, these two never heard of Senators Reid, Kennedy, and Byrd or they wouldn't be bothering to fight for a title which is out of their reach. I'm not sure if Democrats feel their path to success is in reaching out to the crowd or if they feel by acting really, really goofy they improve Senator Clinton's presidential chances by making her seem comparatively moderate.

UPDATE: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16 - 2 to confirm Dr Rice's nomination and she should get a vote from the full Senate by Thursday. Who voted against her? Barbara Boxer (MB-CA) and John Kerry (D-MA). Yes, that very same John Kerry who never showed for work last year. He did not get that other job he applied for as it turns out the incumbent was preferred by the employers.


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