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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Joe Buck, hypocracy is thy name

I'm watching the Rams playing the Falcons and a stupid commercial gets my attention. Joe Buck is approached by his agent who advises him to say some catch phrase (slam-alam-a-ding-dong) in order to sell some bobble head dolls. A week ago this same goof (Buck) went on and on about Randy Moss being evil incarnate because he shook his backside at the fans in Green Bay after scoring a touchdown. If you're going to play a prude you need to show some element of consistency. Don't get me wrong Moss is childish on his best days. However, for the amount of whining Buck did about Moss last weekend you would have thought he had told kids around the world that there's no Santa Claus or something. I'm not a big fan of the silly celebrations some athletes perform after doing what they're paid to do but I think it is counter-productive to shine a spotlight on that act. If it offends the announcer he has the option of ignoring the childish stunt instead of making a bigger deal out of it.


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