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Friday, January 14, 2005


I'll admit I was predisposed to like the movie, In Good Company for several reasons. First off, I'm frugal (okay, okay, cheap) and the tickets to the screening were courtesy of Universal Pictures. Secondly, I've enjoyed most of Dennis Quaid's movies. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is the fact that it is the first time in years that my wife and I have gone to a movie without kids.

The majority of the movie dealt with Quaid's character's (Dan) relationship with the character (Carter) played by Topher Grace. Basically Grace plays a young whipper snapper who takes over Quaid's sales department when the company is taken over by a major conglomerate. I thought the movie explored the fears of middle-age job insecurity pretty well. By the end Carter has learned from Dan and his family that there is more to life than job achievement and advancement.

Well, I'd rate the movie as very good but not great. I left the theater thinking it was a chick flick. My wife said it wasn't a chick flick. I'll compromise and call it a date flick. Can't be an action movie. Only one person got punched, just one minor car crash and nothing blew up. I actually think a number of the scenes went too quickly and they had enough material to make a TV series out of all the ideas crammed into the movie. Maybe that is just a sign that I wanted more of the movie.

I'd definitely recommend this movie. I think it was rated PG. The swearing was limited and didn't seem gratuitous. Very little nudity in the movie and unfortunately it was Quaid and not Scarlett Johansson who played his daughter.

UPDATE: In the comments section, Chris of A Large Regular reminded me of what I was thinking as I walked to the parking lot after the movie. It had no ending.


Blogger chris said...

Hey - we basically thought the same thing. The ending was a bit strange I thought.

9:10 AM

Blogger chris said...

It wasn't the typical Hollywood happy ending and maybe we should be bothered more that we were looking for one.

Maybe the idea is that both main characters had a fresh start. Quaid with the new baby and Topher with finally seeking happiness more than success at business?

11:21 AM


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