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Monday, January 10, 2005

CBS comes clean (sort of)

Five months after the blatent attempt to influence an election with forged documents, CBS released the report of the investigation into the situation. Four employees have been dismissed for either direct involvement or failure to oversee the performance of those who pushed the fraud. The report somehow maintains the claim that the report was driven by journalistic zeal to be first and not by political bias. The BS flag goes up on that claim. Additionally, the report has the audacity to say they could not definitively determine whether the documents were authentic or not. WHAT??? That defies comprehension. The documents have been so thoroughly debunked it isn't funny. I won't go into the technical stuff (present day fonts on a 30 year old memo, superscript th, etc). Others have picked at the documents until theres no meat left on the bones.

Somehow Andrew Heyward is still head of CBS' news division. More unfathomable is Dan Rather is still drawing a paycheck from the company he disgraced.


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