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Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Indians sign Millwood

After two weeks of negotiations and a thorough physical the Indians signed Kevin Millwood to a one year contract. The contract is creative in that it has reverse incentives. Instead of paying the player more if he reaches certain milestones he loses a bonus if he goes on the disabled list. After getting outbid on several other starting pitchers (Clement, Perez, Milton among others) the Indians signed the best pitcher still on the market. Now I'll admit Millwood was only available (and in our price range) due to injury concerns. If he stays healthy and pitches as he did during the 6 years prior to 2004 the Indians will be in serious pennant contention this season. Additionally, with his playoff experience he should be a valuable instructor for younger pitchers on the staff on how to pace yourself through a long season.


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