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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Which party really commits vote fraud?

Here are some comments made by US House Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-Moonbat)

Just remember that in Florida 2000, the victims were black and Latino voters who were, who were, um, just so callously and openly denied the opportunity to cast their vote in a scheme that was cooked in a backroom by rich and powerful white people. And in 2004, with the electronic voting machines, your votes are at risk too.

You can visit LGF and watch the video. This is the same idiot who lost her seat for a couple years because even the goofs who normally vote for her couldn't stomach her comments after September 11th.

Coincidentally, the same day her incendiary remarks came to light, 5 Democrat operatives in Illinois were actually charged with paying people cash to vote for their candidate in the last election.

Add the Illinois fraud to the actions of Dem's in other states (Ohio, Wisconsin, etc) and I stick to my estimate that President Bush won reelection with 57-60% of the vote vice the 51.8% previously reported.

H/T to RWN for the link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

which party really commits vote fraud?
.....they both do, whenever they can get away with it. usually it's not blatant and out in the open, but both sides do it.

i say EVERY vote should count, EVERY TIME - conservative, liberal, and middle of the road.

rich and poor.

and EVERY precinct deserves to have the EXACT SAME voting both to voter ratio regardless of the economic or political make up of that precinct.

as far as bush winning by 57%-60%, i highly doubt that. the exit polls don't show that.

you have no way to prove it anyway since there are so many votes that have no paper record and no way for them to be verified after the fact.

wanna eliminate voter fraud on both sides?

simple: ONE national standard for election procedures and equipment. NO electronic voting. verifiable paper ballots. bi-partisan vote counters in every single precinct.
NO PARTISAN election officials allowed.

sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way to do things. this is the only way to eliminate fraud.

think it can't work?.....

well, within FOUR hours after the last polls closed in Canada's parliamentary election, officials at 50,000 polling stations had hand-counted virtually every one of nearly 13 million paper ballots.

now i know in the u.s. it would be more like 120 million ballots or something like that. but we have more precincts and more vote counters. plus, what if it takes 8 hours or two days or whatever...who cares?

accuracy is more important. the new president doesn't even take office for over 2 months after election day. a day or two to find out who won is not going to kill anyone.


8:50 PM


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