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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It's just one game

Like fans of half the teams out there, I'm left saying "It's just one game" to reassure myself after seeing the Indians lose the first game of the season. After waiting six months for the season to start it is disappointing to lose but one game does not a season make. Worst part of losing the opener is they don't play the next day. Good effort by Jake Westbrook unfortunately Mark Buerhle was just a little better yesterday. Wow, games go fast when they don't hit the ball (1 hour & 51 minutes). Jhonny Peralta recorded his first "O" (the "O" stands for Omar would have made the play) and is on pace for 162 errors. This is the third time the Tribe and White Sox played 1-0 games on opening day, Bob Feller won the two previous times. Speaking of Rapid Robert, I saw him last week in Winter Haven throwing the ball around. At 86 he seems to be going strong.

Oh yeah, I guess there was some basketball game yesterday. Hopefully, now with that behind us maybe ESPN can put some more effort into covering the more important sport of baseball.


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