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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II has died!

Rest easy good shepherd. At 9:37 today, the man born Karol Wojtyla passed from his earthly bonds. I urge all to keep him in your prayers, I'm sure we'll remain in his. A great man who lead the Catholic church for 27 years, this pontiff will be remembered not just for spreading Catholicism but for reaching out to close the schism with other denominations of Christians. Additionally, John Paul II acknowledged the fact that christianity stems naturally from Judiasm. He made many visits to synagoges as well as a more notable visit to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. He was known as a very prolific writer and has many books in print. However, he has volumes of unpublished writings which will be reviewed over the coming decades. Like evaluating the reign of other world leaders, this pontificate will not be properly understood for many years.

Here are a few links:
A photo essay from CNN. (h/t Michelle Malkin she has other links).
The Times Online
Captain's Quarters take.
A timeline of his life.
Lastly, someone has to fill these very big shoes. Pray for a replacement who is at least half the man John Paul II was. FOX has bio sketches of a few leading candidates. Bear in mind, being called a candidate usually takes a Cardinal out of consideration. Years ago Pope John Paul II wrote instructions on handling a vacancy.


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