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Monday, June 20, 2005

Could Biden for President be a good thing?

Well, of course, it would not be a good thing for Joe Biden to be elected president. However, Betsy Newmark explains that a Biden campaign could be a boon for educators.
Which means I will find one blessing if he runs. For a long time, I've been using Biden's lifting of Neil Kinnock's speech as an example of plagiarism for my students. . . . . . And the moral of the story is how he had to drop out of running for president once his history of plagiarism was revealed. They can see that plagiarism has consequences and those consequences can come back and bite you years later. The only problem with this great story is that no kid has any idea who Joe Biden is. Perhaps, he can stay in the race long enough to help them recognize who this bozo was who plagiarized an autobiographical speech.
See, he isn't completely useless. Biden is symbolic of "Senatitis" which is an ailment many senators suffer from. Senatitis convinces the senator that he (or she) should be president because he is so smart and he knows he's smart because his steff keeps reminding him.


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