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Friday, July 22, 2005

Feminists For Life (FFL)

Feminists for Life is an organization in the news lately. Some on the left are bemoaning the fact that the wife of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has been an active member of FFL. John Hawkins took the cue and made FFL's homepage his website of the day.

I won't get into how reprehensible it is to use a nominee's family in an attempt to attack the nominee. Anyone who doesn't understand that already wouldn't understand my explanation. I will ask why anyone can be upset that Mrs. Roberts performs charity work (she handles cases pro bono for FFL). Would it be an issue if a leftist judge had a spouse working for planned parenthood? No. However, having a spouse who is strongly opposed to infanticide is somehow a black mark. Amazing.


Anonymous bob said...

How can anything be reprehensible to a liberal. These are the same people giving out Roves address and advocating vandalism. Leftist journalists/bloggers remind me of Islamic imams spurring people on to acts no sane person would consider.

7:20 AM


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