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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Judge John G. Roberts Jr. Nominated for SCOTUS

At 9PM this evening President Bush named DC Court of Appeals Judge John G. Roberts Jr. to replace Justice O'Connor on the Supreme Court.
There will be many articles on Judge Roberts in the coming weeks. Here are a few:
A Glance at Judge Roberts from the AP
Michelle Malkin is (of course) all over the nomination and has lots of links.
Here is his BIO from FreeRepublic A review of his bio reveals that he clerked for Justice Rehnquist which leads Hugh Hewitt to wonder if he would be the first clerk to later serve on the SCOTUS with the justice for whom he clerked.

The Democrats will make some noise to appease the special interest groups which supply the money to campaign every few years. However, I believe he will be confirmed with around 65 votes. He was born in New York and has lived in Indiana for years, but my guess is he will receive the vote of only one (Lugar) of the four senators from his home states. Evan Bayh of Indiana and Hillary Clinton (somehow) of New York have presidential aspirations and won't upset the fringe of their party since the fringe control primaries. Chuck Shumer of New York will oppose Judge Roberts since word is Roberts has actually read the U.S. Constitution.

I think he is a real good choice. However, none of us should think his appointment will change many of the courts decisions. Justice O'Connor has been relatively conservative over the years. I could take her place and the balance of the court wouldn't change appreciably. In the most recent SCOTUS mistake (Kelo) for example, Justice O'Connor wrote a very strong dissent. Even in the most famous court error (Roe v. Wade), while O'Connor has been on the wrong side in recent years, she was part of a 6 to 3 majority so one vote changes nothing.


Blogger Jami said...

the people opposing roberts aren't fringe. he wants women tried for their medical decisions, he wants bush to be able to detain prisoners without a fair trial for as long as bush pleases, and he wants big business to do whatever will make a buck, environment be damned.

oh, but he's such a nice guy.

11:06 AM


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