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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Second Half of Season

The Cleveland Indians finished the first half with a record of 47 wins and 41 losses. Last year at this point in the schedule the team was 42 and 46. However, despite the much better record, this year they are 11 games out of first compared to 5.5 last year. Realistically, while never giving up, the Indians can not expect to make up an 11 game deficit. That leaves the Wild Card. Here are the current Wild Card Standings.
Minnesota 48 38 .558 - W1
Baltimore 47 40 .540 1.5 W2
New York 46 40 .535 2.0 W1
Texas 46 40 .535 2.0 W3
Cleveland 47 41 .534 2.0 L1
Oakland 44 43 .506 4.5 W3
Toronto 44 44 .500 5.0 L3

The teams still in Wild Card contention are closely grouped and each team has strengths as well as weaknesses which need to be addressed. For the Indians my major concern continues to be the inconsistent offense. A strong right handed bat behind Hafner in the lineup would make a big difference. A secondary concern is fatigue in the bullpen. The last week prior to the All Star break, Rhodes and Howry were hit hard. If that continues this team is not going anywhere in October.
What the writers are saying:
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Terry Pluto
Sheldon Ocker discusses the difference in remaining schedules of Wild Card contenders.
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