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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another attempt to turn a personal tragedy into a winning lottery ticket.

Family of slain teen sues college
Better security at Knox College could have saved Andrea Racibozynski’s life, a lawsuit filed by the Naperville teenager’s family claims.
Example number 7,698,682,391 why lawyers are hated. The college didn't kill Andrea, Clyde Best did and he is in jail. Obviously, they can't get any money from him so the bloodsuckers go after the college. If they win, Andrea's parents will get a little cash, the lawyers will get some cash and equally important some added notoriety. The rest of us get to pay for the greed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Large Bill,
Why don't you read the circumstances of the Racibozynski case before rushing to judgment?
Perhaps you may find some substance to think about.

Until you look at all the facts, why should anyone give your comments any credibility?

Oh - and regarding lawyers, I know it's very popular to smear them - until you need one...

12:30 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

You must be a lawyer. Normal people only need lawyers because of the actions of other lawyers. Regardless of the "facts" of this case no pound of flesh from some university will bring their daughter back. All it will accomplish is putting the lawyer's kid through some other college.

2:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Normal people also love their families, and God forbid anything happen to them, normal people want to at least try to make sure that a similar tragedy has less chance of happening in the future.
That was the family's motivation in filing the lawsuit. The father even said he'd give all the money and more to have his daughter back.
Then again, it's easier to label folks as bloodsuckers rather than see some sort of noble motivation behing their actions.
I hope you never find yourself needing a lawyer. You may be surprised that "normal" folks do need them every now and again.

4:54 PM


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