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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FBI Imposter kills sex offenders

Is it murder or just taking out the trash?
Two Bellingham men believed to be registered sex offenders were shot to death early Saturday morning and authorities are looking for a suspect who posed as an FBI agent to get into their house, Bellingham police said. The case is being handled as a double homicide, said Bellingham Police Lt. Craige Ambrose.
Actually this is a natural outgrowth of the failure of society to deal appropriately with criminal who prey on children. After the recent highly publicized cases of repeat offenders killing children in Florida, Idaho and other states many people expressed their outrage over the fact that the killers had been caught previously and released.

I understand that the police can't just ignore a double homicide. However, I hope they have higher priorities like issuing speeding tickets.


Blogger McLintock said...

Maybe that's why they post sex offenders on the internet - to create more "FBI imposters".


8:36 PM


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