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Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday stuff and Sunday leftovers

Chief Justice Rehnquist liked the movie "Old School" and other remembrances from his grand-daughter.

Hal McCoy's Baseball Insider column always has something interesting. This week is no exception.
Placido Polanco has a question, a legitimate question in these days of interleague play. If a player is traded from one team to another in the same league, his statistics go with him. If he is traded from a team in one league to the other league, your statistics don't go with you. You start over. Polanco was traded from Philadelphia to Detroit this season. If you combine his at-bats for both teams, he leads the majors in batting average. But he won't win a batting title in either league because he doesn't have enough at-bats at either venue.
I didn't realize Polanco was having that good a season. This is just one more reason interleague play is wrong.

Chris of A Large Regular explains why Bill Clinton's lies on Sunday television won't help his wife in the long run.

More election fraud from last November.

Dante Culpepper single handedly ruined hundreds of peoples fantasy football teams.

If you can read Wazzadem without laughing you have problems. Today he lights into Tim Russert for being taken in by a lying con-man (or two of them).


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