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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tribe keeps on rolling

The Cleveland Indians continued their winning ways last night beating the Kansas City Royals 3 to 1. The teams number five pitcher, Scott Elarton gave another strong effort and was credited with his 10th win. Oddly that left Cleveland's best starting pitcher as their only starter with less than ten wins despite leading the American League in ERA.

Many different aspects of the team are cited to explain the improvement over last year. The most obvious change is the bullpen which is one of the best while last years was incendiary. Some people mention the fact that the young players have another years experience. To me, the most impressive thing has been the health and consistency of the starters. With a couple weeks left in the season there is a very good chance they could have all 5 starters get 30 starts. I don't know if any team has accomplished that previously but it would be the first time in Tribe history. Between injuries and ineffectiveness this would have to be an extremely rare event.


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