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Monday, October 24, 2005

Interesting week ahead

This should be an interesting week on several fronts.
1. The grand jury investigation into the alleged leak of an allegedly covert CIA agent's identity expires. By any reasonable account no crime was initially committed. However, it often happens that while the original allegation turns out to be nothing the investigation creates offenses such as making a false official statement. Rumors are running rampant that indictments will be handed down this week for secondary offenses. If there are no indictments the left will become even more unraveled than usual. If there are indictments I hope the right doesn't go with the attack the prosecutor strategy the Clintons used against Ken Starr.
2. Speculation is growing that the nomination of Harriet Miers to serve as a Supreme Court justice may be in trouble. I've read the arguments in her favor (Don, Dafydd ab Hugh, Beldar and Hugh Hewitt) and some of the opinions against her (Right Wing News, Ed, National Review Online, Crank. In the end, I've decided not to jump on either bandwagon. I respect the opinions of some of the people of both sides. However, I respect the judgment of President Bush more than I do the opinion of various pundits. Additionally, barring an some major scandal in Ms. Miers past I do not expect President Bush to withdraw this nomination based on his strong appreciation of loyalty.
3. CNBC just announced that the president will name a successor to Alan Greenspan this afternoon. Greenspan will finish as the longest serving Chairman of the Federal Reserve. As is the case with anyone in a position of power opinions on Greenspan run from extremely positive to extremely negative. Many claim he has been too aggressive in fighting inflation and drove us into recessions by hiking the prime rate too far.
4. The World Series could be over by the end of the week. The White Sox are leading 2 to 0. If the White Sox go on to win, will their title be tainted by the number of blown calls which contributed to their success?
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