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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Alito vote announcements

Senators are starting to declare whether they will vote for Judge Alito's confirmation as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. Here are the ones I've seen so far. There are 55 Republicans who are assumed to be voting in favor of Alito. Every Republican who votes against and any Democrat who for confirmation will subtract or add to the 55 vote total. I'll add to this list as I see announcements. If the senator is voting differently than he did for Chief Justice Roberts I'll note that fact. No surprises so far.


Sen. George Allen, (R-VA)
Sen. Conrad Burns, (R-MT)
Sen. Diane Feinstein, (D-CA)
Sen. Mel Martinez, (R-FL)
Sen. Ben Nelson, (D-NB)
Sen. Arlen Specter, (R-PA)
Sen. John Warner, (R-VA)

Sen. Max Baucus,
(D-MT) - Voted for Roberts
Sen. Dick Durbin, (D-IL)
Sen. Splash Kennedy, (D-MA) - Did he even need to make an announcement?
Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D-VT) - Voted for Roberts
Sen. Barbara Mikulski, (D-MD)
Sen. Ken Salazar, (D-CO) - Voted for Roberts
Sen. Ron Wyden, (D-OR) - Voted for Roberts

UNDECIDED (ie: not sure how it will affect me politically yet)

Sen. Bill Nelson, (D-FL) - Voted for Roberts & up for reelection this November in state Bush won in 2004

On a separate note, Baseball Crank has a great post about the Advise and Consent process. He came up with seven basic models a Senator can follow in making and justifying their decision.


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