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Friday, January 13, 2006

A couple Bushes make the right decision

No, not a political post. Back to football.

Reggie Bush of USC announced that he is applying for the NFL draft as a junior. I can't argue with his decision. He will be one of the first couple picks in the draft and instantly worth millions. Another year in college could do nothing to enhance his reputation and every game he would be risking injury which could cost him millions.

Michael Bush of Louisville announced he is returning to school for his senior year. Bush is a talented running back, but this is a very strong class of running backs which would likely cause him to fall to the second round.

Separately, that sound you hear in the background is USC falling in the early polls for next year. They are losing their starting quarterback, two running backs who will both go in the first round of the draft and today guard Fred Matua declared himself eligible for the draft weakening their offensive line.


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