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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Links and comments for a Tuesday

Lots of stuff going on today. In no particular order here are some articles and comments.

Alan Greenspan will be relieved as Chairman of the Federal Reserve by Ben Bernanke. Some people have been critical of Greenspan and feel he has gone too far in raising interest rates in the past. Personally, I think he has done well. It is easy for critics to look back and say they would have stopped earlier. However, those people forget the Fed Chairman isn't responsible for ensuring a robust stock market. His job is to fight inflation and create an environment for full employment. By those measures, he has been very successful.

Judge Alito should be confirmed today as Justice O'Connor's replacement on the Supreme Court. Here is a man who based on his qualifications should be nearly unanimously approved and he'll be lucky to get 60 votes. I'll guess 59 votes for confirmation.

This evening, President Bush will deliver the State of the Union speech. I have only one request. Don't try to buy friends by overpromising future spending.

Here is an article about Democrats being unhappy with how Howard Dean is managing party funds as Chairman of the DNC. They really shouldn't be too surprised based on how he blew through funds when he was running for president.

Thomas Sowell has an interesting column on Ken Blackwell's campaign for governor and how inept Republicans are when courting black voters.

David Limbaugh gives a strong recommendation for Kate O’Beirne’s new book "Women Who Make the World Worse."

Lastly, Coretta Scott King, widow of civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King Jr., passed away. Rest in peace.


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