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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another reason to home school

Here is a story of a Colorado teacher ranting against America and capitalism and getting caught by a student with a tape recorder.

Before my kids get scared, no I'm not seriously considering homeschooling. However, people from either end of the political spectrum should be very concerned about teachers interjecting political opinion in a classroom. We appropriately hold teachers up to our children as authority figures, so students end up giving greater weight to their opinion than maybe they ought to.

Michelle Malkin has the entire transcript.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the truth is hard to swallow sometimes huh, large?

here is another one worthy of scorn

12:03 PM

Blogger WestEnder said...

I think if anyone has a problem with authority figures, it's die-hard partisans who reflexively believe everything that comes out of the mouths of their favorite pundits.

If only kids trusted teachers as much, maybe our students would be armed with better critical thinking skills.

12:29 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...


Not sure what Delay has to do with the story about the nutty teacher, but if you dig through my archives you'll see I said if he is guilty (and he knows if he is guilty) then he should resign. I don't have the details about Delay, but I doubt it is exactly like he claims and also doubt it is exactly like the highly partisan, grand jury shopping prosecutor claims.

12:40 PM

Anonymous realitybasedbob said...

Sorry about the off topic post, it was meant for the hypocrite story

8:29 AM


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